March 2021, Maven Analytics team came up with a great challenge — Jordan vs LeBron. They added an insightful data set to their Data Playground with game stats for both Michael Jordan and LeBron James which include games from regular season as well as playoffs.

Description about the dataset.

The data set contains 2,776 records of career game-level data for Michael Jordan and LeBron James (through October 2020) during the regular season and playoffs.

The data is divided into 4 tables where 2 of them contain the career stats for both Jordan and LeBron and remaining 2 contain playoffs stats for both players.


Maven Analytics conducted a challenge - Maven Marketing Challenge where they added a rich dataset to their Data Playground with data from marketing campaigns involving 2240 customers. This is the first time I participated in a Maven Analytics challenge. Working on this challenge was a great experience for me, and it helped me fine-tune my Data Analysis and Tableau skills.

Let me start with a description of the dataset.

The data set contains data from the marketing campaign of 2,240 customers of Maven Marketing.

Each record represents one customer and contains fields that can be classified as follows:

Customer Profile

In October 2020, I did an intensive Bootcamp in Data Analytics from Ironhack Amsterdam. It is a coding boot camp that will turn you into a real analyst in just 9 weeks. It’s a very intense program where you can learn data analytics from scratch and be industry-ready.

My final project was Landmark Recognition where I used machine learning techniques to detect a landmark from a given image.


Have you ever tried Google Lens to identify landmarks? You point the camera to a building and it tells you the landmark. I first saw this feature two years ago, I was…

Vijayalakshmi Kalidindi

Finished a Bootcamp on Data Analytics at Ironhack, Amsterdam and Looking for opportunities as a Data Analyst in the Amsterdam Area.

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